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eWinPay offers Security Features for Our Customers!


State-of-the-Art Technology

You can count on eWinPay's technology to help keep your transactions and financial information safe and private. By using advanced encryption methods available and constantly improving on our existing technology, eWinPay has built its reputation as a leader in privacy and identity protection. In addition, eWinPay's highly sophisticated fraud models alert us to suspicious account activity and our dedicated anti-fraud teams are trained immediately respond.

eWinPay also provides:
We use industry-standard AVS and CVV2 checks as additional layers of identity theft protection

The Anti-Fraud Team
The eWinPay anti-fraud team works 24 hours, 7 days a week to help keep your sensitive information private. Using sophisticated risk models and advanced technology, the team is able to detect—and often predict—suspicious activity to help eliminate identity theft. The anti-fraud team's sole job is to make every eWinPay transaction as safe and seamless as possible.

More ways eWinPay decreases fraud risk:
We offer cooperation and shared investigations with law enforcement agencies Action and Resolution
eWinPay's Resolution Center facilitates fair and speedy resolutions should any dispute occur between a buyer and seller. A dedicated team of specialists will help you resolve disputes before a chargeback is filed, free of charge. Should dispute resolution fail and a fraudulent chargeback is filed, eWinPay will work alongside you to fight it.

No seller wants to be caught in a buyer dispute, but if it does happen, you can count on eWinPay to walk you through the resolution process step by step. If eWinPay deems a fraudulent chargeback was filed against you, we will remain at your side and fight the chargeback on your behalf.

If a buyer files a dispute with eWinPay, we will review and help both buyer and seller work toward a resolution so that the buyer does not file a chargeback. In many cases, our team's mediation expertise can resolve a dispute quickly and fairly so that both parties feel satisfied. eWinPay is the only online financial service that provides arbitration free of charge.

If arbitration fails and the buyer decides to file a chargeback against you, eWinPay is there to help. Our specialized team will review your case and work with you to ensure you have the best possible chance of winning a fraudulent chargeback. eWinPay will ask you for information regarding the transaction and use it as evidence when disputing the chargeback with the credit card company. You're much more likely to win a fraudulent chargeback dispute with eWinPay's team of experts on your side. Plus, you'll save time and frustration by letting us handle most of the work.

Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Emails Back to Security Center

What is a fraudulent email?
A fraudulent (spoof) email pretends to be from a company, such as eWinPay, in an attempt to get personal information from you. People who send spoof emails hope to use your information - such as credit and debit card numbers or account passwords - to commit identity theft.

You can prevent spoof from affecting you
Spoof, or "phishing," emails - and the spoof websites often associated with them - are deceptive in appearance. However, they contain content that reveals they're fake. The most important thing to do to protect yourself is be able to spot this misleading content. If you are ever in doubt about an email, DO NOT ANSWER IT! Email us to fraud@eWinPay.com.

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